There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
I can help you to understand, formulate and structure the essential story of your life; but also the story of your business, your company.
And what about the articulation of your greatest idea, your most secret fantasy, or that hidden dream in your heart..?
Want to share yours?

Visual artist Dilys de Jong and me form the illustrative duo Jong&Frij. Since 2007 till March 2019, we published a daily cartoon in the biggest (but certainly not the best ;)) Dutch newspaper 'De Telegraaf’. The cartoon Jong&Frij brings issues to light we think many people in these times are struggling with, but we might be wrong, so see for yourself.

We also offer creative cartoon workshops in which you and your team learn to make great cartoons (about yourselves or each other) in only a day or a day-part. Tailor-made English or Dutch cartoons are available on request.

The best collection of 10 years Jong&Frij will find its form in a beautiful book in October 2019.
Interested in ordering one?