"Fre helps you to become aware of the blocks that keep you from progressing; and then gives you really good insights and exercises to overcome them. It is impressive how she can reach you and helps you to go places where you have never been before; in a very constructive manner. I am so much more relaxed and effective now in my work and teachings; and in my personal life, I am much more directly connected with others instead of being ( self) critical. Last but not least; Fre is also a very nice and open person!"

Edwin Mulder,
Teacher Training Academy,
Pon Power

Being a leader sometimes means being a servant. But not a slave.
You did not become a leader for no reason. But sometimes it is hard to be a great leader to others if we struggle with our own guidance. For what you bring to others will be the manifestation of your own values, core-beliefs, and your translation of these in how you behave; whether you are aware of it or not.

Let me mirror your thoughts, words & actions and bounce them back to you in a serie of sessions, tailormade to your needs & schedule. My work is typically dynamic & deep, only to take it back to concrete (communicational) situations. So your tool set after the sessions IS crystal clear; on an inner & outer level.



Single boost sessions, even very short ones ( 15-30 minutes) can be booked. Single or in package. Big value for leaders with busy positions and little tie who just need to spar every now and then before a complex meeting, difficult conversation, or big presentation.
Share, be mirrored, refocus, & onwards you go again.


A masculine/feminine balance is essential to create prosperous & effective people & companies. This has nothing to do with employing equal amounts of women and men; it is recognising what feminine & masculine values are, and how, in a healthy company (or person), they support each other immensely when they are balanced out. In cooperation with your short & long term strategy, if needed engaging your stakeholders, we design a concrete plan together that steers the culture of your leadership & company deep into the 21st century.



"What you resist, persists"

Life sucks. Well, not all the time, but it definitely does sometimes, right?
And very interestingly, sometimes life sucks not only because negative things are happening to us, but in some kind of funny way, we ourselves keep creating negative experiences out of the things that are happening to us. And often: with the same results that we don't want.

In a serie of coaching-sessions, we dive into YOU, navigate to the stuff that keeps you stuck, and work together to transform this into something valuable, hereby offering you a new, clear state of being to travel your horizon.
In my work I blend different practical coaching technics with insights from latest and ancient psychological wisdom schools, including systematic work, communication technics, voice dialogue & deep transformational mind & body coaching.



I'am probably more impatient than you are.
Let's move fast forward, but dive deep, right to the spot where something aches or bothers you, work it out and continue revived, refocused and ready to manifest.