Love touches the heart of everything. Who hasn't been overwhelmed by, longing for or broken by it?

Am I worthy of love? Can I give & receive love unconditionally, stay true to myself yet connect fully open with somebody else? And how should that look like in my day-to-day life?

Having lying flat on my face with a broken heart on many a person's doorstep, I know what the shadowside of love looks like. The good thing is, I have spent many of my time over the past years figuring out what that shadow is actually is trying to tell us, and: how to move beyond it.

In a series of coachings, we will walk the winding roads to your heart, where we can unlock the limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns that keep you from living the love you deeply long to be part of your life.
Come alone, if your single-status is really starting to bother you, or if you are in a non-fullfilling or conflictuous relationship; or come together, when you want to break & transform your current dynamics into a more open, safe and loving space.