Get this woman out there if you want to add something special to your occasion. Whether you need a dynamic day-host for a business-event, or a speaker who brings light in the room on a variety of subjects.

With her welcoming & warm energy, Fre makes sure to create an open, accessible vibe that will relax any audience very quickly and gets everyone on the same wavelength. Wit, humor and a vast insight on many topics make also sure that the attention of the room stays high & focussed, no matter what subject lies on the table. Interaction with audiences and other speakers & guests are always key.
For more intimate occasions, she uses her coaching-capacities, and can hereby steer the room in depth to a level that opens the hearts of a crowd, transform a group-discussion or straight-channel a personal talk.

If you want her to sing a song as well, that is possible; she will bring her own professional musicians and can tailorfit her performance to the occasion. She can leave her hat on.

Fre embodies that most unusual of things: the ability to combine lightness with depth, hereby managing to effortlessly connect and empathise with those around her.Raul Aparici, International Coach, Speaker & Coordinator School of Life