"Working with Fre was an amazing experience. Fre has a great energy and focusses on finding your 'true self' while pitching. Which was a breath of fresh air compared to earlier pitch coaches that focus on content or 'don't move your hands so much'. 

Fre's workshops helped us create and give pitches that won us substantial grants from the EU and Booking.com and generally be more confident at stage; and use my natural tendencies to create a great positive experience for the audience."

Jasper Middendorp, CEO Reflow 



I guess by today I have trained thousand and thousands of people in how to present themselves and their stories, getting a grip on physical, emotional and energetic challenges that pop up when working on 'stage'.

As I am still learning with every coaching, I have found that the crucial challenge is to make somebody become fully present and alive, in the very moment. Yes other things will come by, great slides, a solid storyline, the right set of gestures, mimics etc. They are very much needed and all will add up to the magical momentum; but only if they are steered from an authentic energy that the presenter dares to pull out, clicking him/herself right in the moment and therefor being able to connect from true presence with an audience.

Through a variety of proven methods, technics and a vast amount of focussed energy, I'm gonna take you there. No matter where you're coming from;whether you are highly talented and already a very skilled professional communicator, or somebody who already pies their pants only looking at a stage. Because two things I have also learned through the years: even very good speakers and performers can still win in presence and effectivity, and: there is a stage for everyone.

A piece of my recipe I'll hand you in the words of the late Luciano Pavarotti:
"I don't wait for the audience to love me; I just love the audience."

I work both with individuals as well as with (incompany) groups & teams, with guaranteed results, and tailormade to your specific needs and schedule.

And be warned; this work will also benefit other areas of your life:)



"The session with Fre was extremely helpful to me.
In 1.5 hours she gave me a whole new perspective on my fear of public speaking, with clear guidance and practical tips.
She identified an underlying pattern and behaviour that I never linked to it myself. 
Fre is a very inspiring woman, full of positive energy and also very pleasant to talk with!"

Isabel de Bruijn, Growth-hacker Loyalty Rockstars, Model


A special part of my heart goes out the sweaty part of our population, who feel that next to dying, being on stage is the most frightening thing that you can experience.
For you, I have developed a specific approach, in which we'll navigate through the dark nights of blushing faces, trembling legs, and out-of-body-experiences, only to come out in the morninglight, energised and full of life. I promise.

I work individually with stagefreight, and in 2020 I also start with special weekends in which we tackle stagefreight together in a group-workshop. Yes it is possible. And it helps to work with stagefreight in a group! Connect with me if you want to stay updated for those.

"It is not because things are difficult that we don't dare; it's because we don't dare that things are difficult"