Theatre Projects

Me and my pop-up team create theatre-projects and workshows specifically designed to create social or spiritual impact.
Our theatre projects are grounded in the roots of many cultures, and use humor, music & interaction with the audience to create a total experience.
Former projects took place in South Africa, Namibia, Pakistan, Botswana, India, Indonesia, Israel & the Palestinian areas, Kenya, Canada, and all over Europe.

One of our last projects, Dr. Love, can still be ordered for performance (in Dutch & English.) In this theatreshow, or workshow as you wish, Dr. Love investigates together with the audience why love between people can often start off so beautifully and end up so ugly, and finally she figures out how to get the one thing we all look for: ever lasting love. To get here, she uses spiritual & psychological insights based upon the book 'Verslaafd aan Liefde' ( Addicted to Love) from Dutch author and spiritual teacher Jan Geurtz.
The show is an interactive theatre-piece with music and lasts one hour. Depending on the conditions with live musicians.

More info and trailer on this show (Dutch website, watch it, old format!):

If you have a theme, a book or an idea that the world needs to know about and is dying a theatrical translation, talk to me.


Soul Service

Soul Service is the non-profit organisation of Stagelove.

Soul Service creates events, performances & workshops to connect and unite people from all walks of life, no matter what nationality, colour, opinion, religion or any other identity.

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